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Keuren met Z platen

SoHo Auto can help you perfectly with its Z plate service.


We can assist you if, for example, you want to purchase a car (Test Drive - Test Drive), or, for example, if we have to carry out a Technical Inspection (Purchase Test) on site.

Also displacement and/or  We can take care of the inspection of your vehicle at one of the many inspection stations in Belgium.

Below you can read what we can do for you. If you have more questions, fill in the contact form or send an e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Soho Automotive Z Plaat keuring


In Belgium, registering or registering a vehicle is a complicated task. For example, your car must be inspected before sale. Normally, the old owner ensures that the car is inspected before sale and you can register your car and obtain the license plates with the pink registration certificate (which you receive when the car is approved).


If your new car has not been inspected or does not have valid number plates, we can arrange this process for you. We have our own Z plates with which we can inspect vehicles up to 3500 kg.


We can also carry out the annual inspection for your car. Convenience serves people, so to speak.


We work all over Belgium, and are located in the southernmost tip of Flemish Brabant, close to Limburg. For example, we are at home at the Alken en Diest and Tienen inspection stations.

For price information click here.


Fill in the form for an inspection request with, for example, our Z plates. You can read here which papers you need to bring and more tips for the car inspection.


You have bought a new car but you cannot transport the car yourself because you do not have a valid registration plate?


We can transport your car with our Z Plaat or car transporters from A to B, and that even throughout Europe. Of course under CMR conditions.


In addition to transporting the car, we can make an estimate on the spot of the condition of the car and give you sound advice on whether or not to buy the car. If necessary, we can export the car for you in the country of origin and import it into Belgium.


Our drivers are experienced people from the car trade and very well controlled drivers.  Your vehicle will be driven carefully and the car will be delivered to you in the condition as it was provided to us *

Fill out the contact form for information about road travel


*see terms and conditions

Mercedes Sprinter L3 H3 vervoeren
AutoImport Service


You have a car in mind and would like to have an objective opinion about the (technical) condition of this car?


The old owner sells the car without an inspection or does not have valid plates to take it for a test drive?


We can help you with this, with our Z-plates we can make a test drive with the car and estimate the (technical) condition of the car. We can also do a purchase inspection in our inspection room  so that you know exactly what the condition of the car is.


In case of a deal, we can transport the car directly for you and inspect it at one of the inspection centers in Belgium.



Fill in the form for more information.

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