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All-in Leasing van importwagens voor Ondernemers

Een auto op het oog in het Buitenland?   De Ondernemer kan deze auto bij ons leasen











We relieve you of all import operations - from purchase to home delivery
More than 40 years of experience in import and export of vehicles from all over Europe.

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Financial Benefits

off balance

Vehicle is not on the balance sheet - but is entered as an expense in your records, so that your company's debt is not unnecessarily burdened. This means that you have capital left over for other reservations and that you increase your borrowing capacity. 

VAT problem

Pre Financing of the VAT by the Leasecompany - you do not have to pre-finance the VAT.

Added value at the end of the contract

In general, the residual value of the car is higher than the amount you have to pay to take over the car. This can be fiscally interesting. This way you create a nest egg. With a traditional lease, you have to return the car at the end, and the lease company collects the profit on the sale of your old lease car.

Soho Automotive Tevreden klant

We Take Care

Taking care of our client

Buying a car abroad and all the paperwork surrounding it can be a nerve-racking task.  We take these worries off your hands. 


What does such a complete relief mean?


  • Negotiations with the seller

  • Technical inspection on the spot - if possible *

  • Investigation of vehicle characteristics

  • Settlement of all matters with the seller including any payment

  • Transport to Belgium according to CMR Conditions

  • While awaiting customs formalities and inspection: Storage in covered area or enclosed terrain.

  • Taking care of customs formalities

  • Pre-test for import inspection*.

  • Possibly pre-registration of the vehicle

  • Import inspection **

  • Taking care of all documents for the registration of the vehicle

  • Transport of the vehicle to the customer's address


Possibility 1

We pay the seller for the car and you pay us. You receive an invoice from us for the car plus the cost of our services - so you can book the total amount as a purchase and write it off. By the way, we do this completely transparently and without any fuss - you will know exactly what agreements we have made with the seller.


You can then transfer the car to your financier or bring it into your company. If the car is also subject to VAT, you can perfectly offset the VAT.


Possibility 2

You can also pay the seller directly, we will then take care of the transport, import and inspection of the car. 

Financiële Leasing

No money through your bank? You do get a chance with us!

Have you found your dream car, but the bank has doubts about your company's figures? Then you getus an opportunity as an ambitious entrepreneur. 

We are not a bank, but we do offer simple and fast forms of financing through hire purchase. We work with our own resources, which allows us to respond faster and better to the wishes of our customers. We look beyond the numbers and listen to your story. That translates into onequick decision process of 48 hour and oneacceptance rate of 96%on your file. All in the name of the customer.

  • Who can lease a new or used vehicle from us?
    We draw up a suitable financing formula for every entrepreneur. Whether you are a starter, fast grower or someone looking for a specific vehicle. Also for second-hand cars that you find elsewhere in Europe. We do not finance individuals.
  • Prefer not to go through a bank?
    As an entrepreneur, do you also want a dream vehicle, but the bank has doubts about the figures of your company or would you rather opt for alternative financing? Then you do get a chance with us as an ambitious entrepreneur. We are not a bank, but we do offer simple and fast forms of financing through hire purchase. We work with our own resources, which allows us to respond faster and better to the wishes of our customers. This translates into a quick decision-making process of 48 hours and an acceptance rate of 96% on your file. All in the name of the customer.
  • Hoe wordt bepaald of mijn onderneming in aanmerking komt voor Full Operationele Lease?
    Vooraleer wij een contract afsluiten, voeren wij standaard een controle uit. Vaak is ene lease contract maatwerk. Door met elkaar te overleggen komen we tot een passende aanbieding welke aansluit op uw behoefte.
  • What is hire purchase?
    Hire purchase is a form of installment purchase. You wish to buy a commercial vehicle, but you do not have sufficient funds to pay for the vehicle in full yourself. In that case hire purchase is a possibility. You make a down payment, receive the vehicle from us and then pay back the remaining amount in monthly fixed installments. We calculate the monthly installment or rent in such a way that the sale takes place at the end of the period. With hire purchase, the commercial vehicle is your own paid-off property at the end of the ride. You can't say that with leasing!
  • From what age can I lease?
    Currently, you can lease cars from 25 years. This way we can guarantee that your car is fully insured and you don't have to worry about losing your investment. Note: We limit the power to 200 HP for 25-30 year olds.
  • Is my car All-Risk insured?
    Yes, we insure the car. That way you don't have to worry about whether the insurance is properly arranged.
  • How is it arranged with BIV and Road tax
    We pay the BIV and road tax windscreen. You pay this to us in annual or monthly installments, depending on your situation.
  • Who does the maintenance on my car?
    Since we offer a hire-purchase formula, you decide for yourself at which brand dealer your car will be serviced. You pay for the maintenance yourself and ensure that the maintenance intervals are followed correctly. As long as the car has a (factory) warranty, we oblige you to have maintenance and repairs carried out at an official dealer. After the warranty period, you can choose your local garage to carry out maintenance and repairs on time.
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