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SoHo Auto Z Plaat Service


Second-hand inspection? 

We can take care of your inspection with our Z-Plates

Inspecting your car with Z-plates is the same as a normal inspection with normal plates. The same conditions and inspection requirements are therefore set for the inspection. In the event of an inspection with sale, you will also receive a report about the condition of the car and a Carpass, which shows the kilometer history.

For each inspection, you must check or arrange certain simple things beforehand, in order to avoid costs for re-inspection:


  • All existing lighting must work, and any control lights must function.

  • The height of the headlights must be properly adjusted and give a clear view. Make sure you have bright headlights. Nowadays, the plastic headlights want to be weathered and therefore do not give a good image.

  • Windshield wipers must be in good condition and the washers must work properly.

  • In a passenger car, each axle must have tires of the same brand and size.

  • The battery must be securely fastened.

  • All seat belts must be in working order and undamaged.

  • All doors and windows must function.

  • Tire pressure must be right for various inspection points to pass.


  • If it concerns a Belgian registered car, the complete registration certificate (pink card, registration certificate or part 1 and part 2) from the previous owner, the inspection report and the certificate of conformity will suffice.

  • If it is a foreign car, you must be in possession of a completed vignette 705 (obtainable at customs), you can also enter the car online via the internet (My Belgium with It's me or card reader + your pass). Click here which foreign documents you need.

  • The original registration certificate from the country of origin and (European certificate of conformity) is no longer required, but it is useful in connection with the tire sizes and emission numbers stated herein, so we recommend that you always provide the original registration certificate. Click here for documents from the most common countries

  • Sometimes accessories are fitted from the factory, which normally requires a tuning certificate. (A Spoiler, tinted windows or strut bridge as an example) The holder of the vehicle must prove that this is a standard accessory by means of documentation or certificate from the distributor of the relevant car brand, this saves discussion and additional inspection costs.

Z Plaat service SoHo Automotive


Inspection for sale on site in Alken, Diest or Tienen costs € 75.00 and the additional inspection costs of the relevant inspection station. 

If the car is rejected and can be inspected again the same day, the costs are €25.00 + extra kilometers driven and the additional inspection costs of the relevant inspection station.

Waiting times for, for example, a small repair or re-inspection are charged per half hour, € 15.  

Inspection for a certificate of conformity or after an accident is possible on site at the inspection station Alken, Geel or Diest and costs € 175.00 and the additional inspection costs of the relevant inspection station.

If we have to collect the car at your private or business address, we charge € 0.75 in travel costs per kilometre, including fuel and man hours.  This also applies if a possible re-inspection is not possible on the same day. These travel costs are only in combination with a car inspection.

Visual preference in our own inspection room costs € 35,-*  If we have to pick up the car for this at your private or business address, we charge € 0.75 in travel costs per kilometre, including fuel and man hours.


The price for the regular annual inspection is on request.

You can pay with all possible payment methods, including cash. We prefer payment by card. Payment must be made after each inspection.

Click here for IMPORT rates.  


* no rights can be derived from a visual pre-inspection with regard to rejection points during the car inspection

**The above prices include VAT

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Prijzen Z-Plaat


To import a foreign car to Belgium you need the following documents to import the car to obtain an E-705 form:


Registration certificate part 1 + 1B + Transfer certificate and Export declaration.



Fahrzeugbrief + Fahrzeugschein or Fahrzeugbrief and Abmeldungsbescheinigung or Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I + Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II



Certificate of Immatriculation



Certificate of Immatriculation



Permit the Circulation



UK Registration Certificate - Due to BREXIT changes may be present, such as VAT obligations etc.

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