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Technisch Onderzoek

For example, at the request of one party, we can determine a problem or a claim.


The purpose of this is usually to gather prior information about the involvement and liability of the parties in a damage or warranty case, or to analyze a problem where it is not clear whether someone is responsible for this problem.

We always use three criteria, namely:


  • the damage must be proven; (how big is the damage)

  • the fault (or guarantee) of the person who caused the damage must be proven; (Who is liable)

  • there must be a causal relationship between that damage and the fault. (is the error related to the damage)


We are impartial and will report in good faith.

It is also possible that a technical problem cannot be traced, and our help is called in. In such a case, we will inspect the car and try to determine where the problem in the car comes from.


In all cases it is possible that we come to the site, or that the vehicle is transported to our own technical inspection room. In addition to our extensive technical knowledge of vehicles, we have all the technical facilities to assess your vehicle.


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