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More than 40 years of experience in the Automotive Industry

Soho-Auto is very experienced in the car business. The people behind SoHo-Auto are all ever  started at the bottom of the ladder in the car business at a time when there were no computers, mobile phones and internet sites. At that time, being able to work (think) independently was crucial and you were quickly noticed if you had a talent for the profession.


With regard to the technical side in the automotive sector, people nowadays plug a device into the car and 9 out of 10 times the malfunction is found and is (temporarily) resolved. The old hands in the trade also solve that tenth time when it comes to expertise. That is what makes the difference for us.  Continue until the real cause is found by merging all parameters.

Much has changed in leadership in recent years. Nowadays we are in a hurry, money plays a very important role and people often forget the position of the entrepreneur in favor of the employee. It often happens that the old-school managers are more accurate in recognizing problems within a company. This is because they think in solutions and bring their experience to the problem to be solved.

Over the years, we have gone through all facets of the Automotive world. For example, larger companies were led as owner, director, Interimmer or investor.  That makes the people behind SoHo-Auto unique. They know everything about technology, sales and managing companies in the Automotive world and beyond.

Nowadays, as it is so beautifully called in Belgium, most people behind SoHo-Auto are retired. Sitting behind the geraniums is not in these people and with SoHo-Auto they still remain active in the Automotive Sector. SoHo-Auto regularly deploys these people on a project basis, according to the customer's needs.

This can be from having a vehicle inspected at the car inspection, making a judgment about a technical problem or putting things in order at an automotive-related company to get things back on track if a company has encountered heavy weather. The people behind SoHo-Auto also invest in Automotive related companies.

SoHo Auto, Technisch Onderzoek
SoHo Auto Auditeren in de Automotive
SoHo Auto Garantie onderzoek
SoHo Auto Aankoop keuring
SoHo Auto Voertuigtransport met trailer.
SoHo Auto Vervoer over de weg
SoHo Auto Import Export
SoHo Auto - Endoscopisch onderzoek
SoHo Auto Aankoopkeuring
SoHo Auto Technische inspectie
SoHo Nice Auto keuren met Z Plaat
SoHo Automotive Technische Controle
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