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Overeenkomst sluiten voor importauto


Enter into a purchase agreement for your new imported vehicle with a seller without any worries: control and certainty. Contact us today and let us help you close this important deal!

Enter into an agreement with the seller

Before entering into the agreement with the seller, it is essential to carry out a final check to ensure that all agreements are correctly included in the agreement. This step is crucial to avoid any misunderstandings or unforeseen problems.


As a professional intermediary, we take your interests seriously when checking the agreement. We look at various aspects, such as the price, payment terms, guarantees and any extras that have been agreed. Our goal is to ensure that everything discussed verbally is actually reflected in the written agreement.


As soon as we agree to the agreement, you can place your signature with confidence and pay the vehicle directly to the seller. It gives you peace of mind knowing that all terms and conditions are properly documented and confirmed.


Through this final check, we provide you with protection and confidence as you enter into this important transaction. Our team of professionals is ready to ensure that your interests are taken care of and that you can enjoy your new purchase without any worries.


In short, before entering into an agreement with a seller, we strongly recommend that you use our checking and confirmation services. This ensures a carefree transaction and allows you to enjoy your new vehicle with confidence.

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