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Import Auto Afleveren


Most cars must be inspected. After the inspection is complete, we will send you the pink form by email so that your insurance broker can register the car. We neatly mount the license plates in new plate holders. The car is ready to be picked up or we can deliver the car to you (at extra cost).

Import inspection - License plates - Delivery

Most imported cars must be inspected before they are allowed on the road. As soon as the inspection has been completed, we will send you the pink form by e-mail. This form is essential for your insurance broker to register the car.


You can rely on us that the number plates are neatly mounted in new plate holders. So you can hit the road straight away without any hassle. You can even have the new license plate delivered to us.


Once everything is arranged, your car will be ready to be picked up. If you prefer us to deliver the car to you, we can arrange this at an additional cost.


In short, with us we ensure that the inspection process runs smoothly and that your car is ready to hit the road safely. 

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