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SoHo Auto Importwagen renten


Have your eye on a car abroad?

We relieve you of all import operations - from purchase to home delivery
More than 40 years of experience in import and export of vehicles from all over Europe.

Financial Renting

For more than 35 years we have been guiding and unburdening individuals and companies with the purchase and import of used and new cars from abroad.

Cheaper and more value for money than in Belgium

Importing a car from another country is often not only financially beneficial.  There is an enormously varied range of very good cars abroad, giving you much more choice, the cars are generally better equipped, better maintained and the purchase prices are significantly lower than in Belgium.  


However, there are also downsides to buying a car abroad. For example, serious research is always necessary into the mileage of the car, the maintenance status and the damage history. It is also important that the technical condition of the car is impeccable.

Voorkant van de auto
Finaniele Renting
Financiële Leasing
Alweer een tevreden klant van SoHo Automotive

We Take Care

Taking care of our client

Buying a car abroad and all the paperwork surrounding it can be a nerve-racking task.  We take these worries off your hands. 


What does such a complete relief mean?


  • Negotiations with the seller

  • Technical inspection on the spot - if possible *

  • Investigation of vehicle characteristics

  • Settlement of all matters with the seller including any payment

  • Transport to Belgium according to CMR Conditions

  • While awaiting customs formalities and inspection: Storage in covered area or enclosed terrain.

  • Taking care of customs formalities

  • Pre-test for import inspection*.

  • Possibly pre-registration of the vehicle

  • Import inspection **

  • Taking care of all documents for the registration of the vehicle

  • Transport of the vehicle to the customer's address


Possibility 1

We pay the seller for the car and you pay us. You receive an invoice from us for the car plus the cost of our services - so you can book the total amount as a purchase and write it off. By the way, we do this completely transparently and without any fuss - you will know exactly what agreements we have made with the seller.


You can then transfer the car to your financier or bring it into your company. If the car is also subject to VAT, you can perfectly offset the VAT.


Possibility 2

You can also pay the seller directly, we will then take care of the transport, import and inspection of the car. 

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